• Perfection’s not attainable, but if we chase it we can catch excellence.

    JXF吉祥坊无法做到完美,  但追求完美能让人卓越

  • Perfection’s not attainable, but if we chase it we can catch excellence.

    JXF吉祥坊无法做到完美,  但追求完美能让人卓越

Core Business

Core Businesses of Sino Aero includes flight operation service, aviation system development, ferry service, CCAR accredited training service, aviation big data management and mobile operation terminal.

Ferry Service

Sino Aero gather together an excellent operation team who can provide unprecedented experience for customers. Except from basic operation discount package, Sino Aero can also provide customers specialized dispatch consultation, performance consultation, information consultation and other customized service.

Training Service

Sino Aero has accredited certification of dispatch training, which is approved by CAAC 121, on March,2018. Training center can not only provide professional dispatch, information and performance-related training service for airlines and airports, but also provide certification training for airports’ dispatchers. We will conduct other aviation-related training.

System Development

Sino Aero is an high-tech company that integrates professional team, data, platform and operation big data. Self-developed products have obtained several patents, we can provide solutions and professional service for clients.

Aviation Operation Service

Flight operation control is a core business of an airline which relates to flight safety, operation quality, profitability. Sino Aero operation control team provide inclusive operation service for a southeast Asia airline, and operates a Bombardier.

Flight Service Station

FSS of Sino Aero provide flight plan, aviatic weather, navigational intelligence, rescue, communication and surveillance service for general flight and business flight. What’s more, we can arrange flights for health care, disaster relief, meteorological detection, marine monitoring, scientific experiment, education training, culture and sports, and operating flights for industry, agriculture, forestry, fishery and construction industry. Besides, we offer business jet ferry service, ground handling service, operation guarantee, application agent, short-distance passenger transport and cargo transport, air sightseeing service, short-distance transportation service, flight experiencing service and drone flight-related service.

Short-distance/Business transportation

Entertainment flights

Drone flight

Operating flights